Food Menu


Filipino Burrito $5.00
(bacon, sausage, egg, potatoes, bell pepper, red onion, and cheddar)

Sunrise Sandwich $4.99
(eggs and bacon)

Longsilog (Longganisa, Sinangag, Itlog) $6.99
(2 sausages, garlic fried rice, and egg)

Sunrise Breakfast $6.99
(2 eggs, 2 bacon, and 2 toast)

Oatmeal $3.49
(with raisins and almonds)



Bagel $2.00

Muffin $2.50

Croissant $2.50

Cinnamon Roll $2.50

Egg Pie $2.50

Cassava $3.29

Sweet Rice $3.29

Daily Specials

Monday – Sinigang na baboy $8.50
(pork sour based soup with vegetables)

Tuesday – Adobo $8.50
(pork or chicken, potato, and onions)

Wednesday – Picadillo $8.99
(with carrots and potatoes)

Thursday – Caldereta $9.99
(with rice)

Friday – Menudo $8.50
(pork, potato, carrot, and raisins)

Make Your Own Sandwich


Step 1 – Choice of bread 
wheat or sourdough

Step 2 – Choice of Meat
ham or roast beef

Step 3 – Choice of Cheese 

Step 4 – Choice of Sauce 
Spicy Sriracha Mayo,Mayo, Mustard

Served with Macaroni or Green Salad (or other available side dish) 


Chicken Teriyaki Salad $7.95
(spring mix, tomato, red onion, cucumber, feta)

Garlic Shrimp Salad $7.95
(spring mix, tomato, red onion, cucumber, feta)

Rice Bowls

Embutido (Filipino Meatloaf) $8.50

Chicken Teriyaki $8.50

Garlic Shrimp $8.50

Served with rice, lumpia, and macaroni salad 


Macaroni Side Salad $2.95

Green Side Salad $2.95

Extra Cream Cheese $0.99

Gunther's Ice Cream

$3.50 per scoop

Birthday Cake 


Coconut Pineapple

Green Tea



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